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Seahorses are sold out

The Animal Walkers 1: Our teacher is an elk

It's always south somewhere

Fuchs drives a car

Mika’s dad works at home, but is hard at work. The promised visit to the dredging lake seems a long way off! To breathe, he allows Mika to buy a pet …
This is the beginning of a wonderfully turbulent story, in the course of which one animal after the other populates the apartment without the stressed dad noticing anything! The mouse is followed by a dog, the dog a seal, the seal a penguin, the penguin a parrot, until at the end a small but very musical elephant moves into the apartment …
Reading this book is a great pleasure – for readers and listeners alike!
On the consistently double-sided picture panels there is a lot to discover that the text leaves open and so this is a picture book that children will always ask for anew.

Funny and exciting animal story from 8 years about children who can transform into animals. With cheerful black and white illustrations inside. Merle and Finn are amazed: They are selected by the new teacher’s miniature pig for a special sports group! That alone would be strange enough, but then Mr. Olsson reveals the real sensation to you in the 7th lesson: You are animal walkers and can transform yourself into animals! Every child now learns to be on the move in their animal form – with Merle it’s an owl, with Finn it’s a weasel. But all of a sudden strange things happen at school that are blamed on Mr Olsson of all people. The children cannot let that happen and the first adventure for the animal walkers begins!

On the last day of school, everyone in the class should tell about their plans for the summer vacation. All travel. Abroad. Ina’s classmates are downright obsessed with going abroad – there is even a competition to see who has already been to most of the countries. When it is Ina’s turn, her stomach pounds, almost at the top of her heart. And then she hears herself saying in front of the class that she is going south. Just to be part of it, her mother has no money for a vacation. Now there is no turning back: Ina stays in her room from morning to evening from the first day of vacation so that the lie does not get exposed. Until the newcomer from her class, who lives in the same settlement, discovers Ina at the window and makes her a crazy suggestion …

Fuchs drives a car. Tip tap your feet. First slowly, then faster and faster.
Over gravel – holterdipolter! Through puddles – pitschpsch! The fox whizzes through the picture book so fast that he doesn’t even notice how someone jumps up on every double page: mouse and mole, beetle and rabbit. The child comes running as the last stowaway, but – whoops! – now the whole dizziness is exposed!

“If you don't like reading, then you just haven't found the right book for you yet”

- JK Rowling

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We ordered the Navigator box from the language kingdom website and my girls were super exited when they had a parcel waiting for them after school. The books were handpicked and tailored to the taste of my girls. With the box came arts and crafts ideas as well as recipes to the topic of box. We read the books in one afternoon as my girls wanted to continue reading every time I said "ok, the rest of the book we read tomorrow". The book boxes are great especially for bilingual children to increase the minority language exposure. In terms of the process - the books arrived by post and a currier picked them up again at my house. Overall a great service! I can only recommend the book boxes to other parents.


We got the Christmas box and it was our first box. It had a nice variety of books and also crafts which the kids really enjoyed. All the material was in German and English, so it doesn't matter at what level in your language learning journey you are, you will definitely get something out of it. The kids really liked the German cookie recipes - they are delicious. Great idea to have a folder, to collect more in with each box you get.