Benefit of reading

1. Develop reading skills

2. Language acquisition and language skills are supported

3. Reading relaxes

4. Imagination and ingenuity are invigoarted

5. Encourages creativity

Reading competence not only includes being able to read individual words, sentences or texts fluently, but also understanding contexts and filtering essential statements. But that only works if you are not busy deciphering words and sentences.

By reading regularly, children and young people learn new words, word combinations and ways of using them. The more often children and adolescents deal with different terms, the easier it is for them to move into active vocabulary.

Anyone reading an interesting book delves deep into the story. Everything takes a back seat. Reading for just 6 minutes reduces the stress level. If you want to relax while reading, you should concentrate on a longer coherent text.

When reading, the imagination is addressed. In order to create images in your head, you have to concentrate on what you have read and not to be affected by external influences in order to not lose the central theme. 

When reading, your own images are created in the mind of the characters, scenes or situations. Everyone imagines something different because reading leaves a lot of freedom for creativity.

How do I encourage my children who haven't found the love of reading to try a book club?

For one thing, the child sees there are many different ways of reading and not everyone can read equally well. That gives courage! It comes into contact with different genres and reading in the community is more fun and promises more success. You can ask questions directly (unknown words, idioms) or get help with reading and thus take away the frustration.

Which book club is right for my child?

"Classic" book club

"Moving" book club

A book club doesn’t just mean taking turns reading. There are opportunities for discussion, for critical observation and for learning to understand and classify what has been read / heard. Understand new words and their use and the power of images.  

Duration: 40 minutes per unit
Course duration: 6 weeks
Price: GBP 60.00
     69.00 euros
     $ 84.00

This book club is suitable for everyone who wants to experience reading in a different way. Books of various genres are read. What is read / heard is translated into movement in various forms (through various games, sports instructions and the children’s creativity.) (No, you don’t need a lot of space for that, you can also use a small children’s room)

Duration: 40 minutes per unit
Course duration: 8 weeks
Price: GBP 80.00
92.00 EUR
$ 113.00

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