Document your bilingual journey with the brand new Celebration Cards

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These cards mark special steps along the journey.

Are you a bilingual/multilingual family?

Are you struggling sometimes with motivation?

Do you ask yourself if the bilingual/multilingual journey was the right decision?

Does your child suddenly dislike the minority language?

Are you looking for a 1st birthday present for a bilingual child?

A bilingual journey can be a rollercoster ride. We celebrate when the children learn new words but we are also sad if they don’t show any interest in one of the family languages. We ask ourselves if this is worth all the effort.

Yes it is!

What we need sometimes is a reminder of how far we have come along the journey already. How much our children are able to understand so far. Remember, understanding is the first step. They can’t talk if they can’t understand the language.

Do they ask you to read the same book or sing the same song over and over again? This is a sign they connect to the language.

If they suddenly develop a dislike for a family language it can help to show them what they have achieved until now.

Take time to sit down and reflect.

Use the 22 cards to celebrate and realise where you are on your journey

Covers listening, understanding, reading, writing and funny moments

4 blank cards for your very own special remembrance

Stay motivated and see the progress


Use them like milestone cards and take pictures to create a visual memory

Or use them as your own memory box and fill in the date and write some words which help you remember on the back of the cards

Disclaimer: Cards will be sent out on 1st October 2020