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Bilingual Story basket – Fairytales

fairy tale topic box

This week was fairy tale week. Fairy tales are important for a child’s development. They learn to identify good and bad, it teaches them morals and gives them ideas to develop their own fantasy world, and in turn, helps them to understand the world around them. Fairy tales also teach culture background and gives children a common language as lots of fairy tales are translated.

Contents of story basket

  • Fairytale books
  • Frog
  • Animals which are common in fairy tales
  • Fairy
  • Witch board game
  • Torch-projector with fairy tale stories

Wolf sense-box

Little Red Riding Hood is our favourite fairytale at the moment. The bad wolf uses all 5 senses to explain to Little Red Riding Hood why he doesn’t look like her grandmother.

wolf - senses - box


  • Box
  • Coloured paper
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape or glue
  • Other craft materials

We read each sentence and then decorated our wolf-senses-box

1. The long arms (so he can grab Red Riding Hood better) - touch

2. Bg eyes (so the wolf can see her better) – sight

3. Big ears (to hear her better) – hearing

4. Big nose (to smell her better) – smell

5. Big mouth (to taste her better) – taste

On the back of the box we cut a hole so we can feel items inside the box or put little pots inside to guess what smell it is.

Senses walk

On our daily walks we try to use all our senses to see how often we use them. What can we see, smell, hear? How does the grass or the stone feel? How do the berries taste?

Gingerbread house

Hansel and Gretel are so hungry that they eat the gingerbread house they find in the woods. As we did not have the patience to bake a gingerbread house and to decorate one, we printed one from We practise cutting and talked about the different shaped sweets on the house and how they would taste

DIY Dove

The doves are an important messenger in Cinderella as they help the prince to find the right princess.

To use some of our toilet rolls we decided to make our own Marionette-dove. (looks more like a swan but we finished it – which is a win anyway!)


  • 2 toilet paper rolls
  • Wool or string
  • Googly eyes or a pen
  • Red/orange paper for the beak

Toilet paper rolls projector

We chose The Princess and The Frog as the fairy tale for our fairy tale cinema


  • Cling film
  • Permanent marker
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Fairy tale book

Put the cling film on the book and trace with the permanent marker around your chosen pictures - make sure it is not bigger than the diameter of the toilet paper roll. Cut the cling film and put it over the toilet roll and fix it with sticky tape.

Put a torch in the open end and project the picture on the wall. Tell the real fairytale or make up a new story.

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