Recently my daughter has been through her diagnosis procedure and has been confirmed with ASD, however, despite numerous people telling me that you can’t raise an ASD child with a second language, the pediatric psychologist who diagnosed my daughter confirmed that not only was this nonsense - it was in fact of massive benefit to her.

That is the message I want to proclaim - most ASD children can still learn a second language, and indeed flourish.

They can still gain all the benefits an additional language can bring, despite what others might tell you.

Our daughter is well on the way to learning German alongside her English - she happily speaks to Oma and Opa in German, and indeed to anyone who speaks to her in German, and we still speak to Nanny in English!

I would be delighted to help you on your and your child’s journey to learning a second language, even if your child has been diagnosed with ASD.

I completed a SEND Diploma (Special Educational Needs and Disability) originally to help my own daughter in her development, and to work with autistic individuals to challenge the stigma that you cannot raise those with ASD bilingual/multilingual. Completing my Educational Psychology training has shown me the world of interest-based learning, along with other teaching techniques, to unlock the language-learning potential of your child

For our bilingual journey we found Interest-based learning was key to our success. We feel that it can be tricky to keep motivation up if there was little or no interest. Choosing subjects and topics that keep the interest, or utilising fun and entertaining teaching methods, was imperative when teaching both our daughter and others. For the first two years this meant for us, teaching our daughter German via the medium of the different colours of cars in our local car park!